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Our Guarantee:

All of our products are handmade in the United States with the utmost care by a talented team of leather craftsman. We use the complete hide during manufacturing to minimize waste, and as a result the leather pattern on each K.Slade piece will be unique to it. Scars or markings are part of the beauty of natural leather and may appear on our products, especially those made of natural and vegetable tanned leather. These pieces will darken/patina over time, which adds to the beauty of the leather.

While we take great care when producing our products, we understand that with wear, things can happen over time. We offer a two-year guarantee on leather construction and will cover structural repairs within this timeframe. Shipping costs must be covered by the buyer. This guarantee covers normal wear and tear on bags. Cosmetic damages are not covered under this guarantee.

If you experience cosmetic damage or you are not inside the two-year guarantee window, reach out to your local leather cleaner or cobbler for repairs. We do not offer repairs on products outside of our guarantee.

If you have a purchase that needs repair and meets the requirements above, please reach out to us with photos of the issue at You will be responsible for shipping costs. Once we receive the item that needs repaired, we will send it in for repair. You can expect a minimum wait of six to eight weeks for repairs.

Hair on Hide:

Our hair-on-hide leather bags and accessories are made with real calf hair. Like human hair, calf hair can rub off with enough friction, leading to bald spots. When purchasing these products, you can expect thinning and balding over time. To help protect your hair on hide bags, you should avoid friction on the product and handle it with care. The balding and thinning of the hair on hide products is not covered under our product guarantee. Refer to our tips below for cleaning and caring for hair-on-hide leather.

Leather Care:

In the same way your favorite denim gets better with wear, quality leather patinas over time, developing unique character. We encourage you to store unused pieces in a dust bag to protect them. Gently spot clean and dust periodically as needed, but we encourage you to embrace the natural evolution of the leather. Here are our suggestions to prolong the life of your pieces:

Dust Periodically: Dust absorbs moisture from the surface of leather, causing it to dry and crack. Use a clean, dry white cloth to remove dust periodically and store pieces in a dust bag when they aren't in use.

Clean Stains: Dry spills as quickly as possible. To clean, use water and a dry white cloth, blotting (not rubbing) the stain. Dilute mild soap in water if needed. For stubborn stains, reach out to your local leather cleaner or cobbler.

Smoothe Scratches: If you experience an undesired scratch, use the heat of your hand and a blow dryer to gently smooth out the imperfection. Finish with K.Slade Leather Cream.

Restore and Polish: K.Slade Leather Cream offers maximum cleaning and protection, beautifully restoring leather and buffing it to a natural shine. We recommend to apply annually for regularly-used pieces.

Hair-On-Hide: Gently shake the bag regularly and vacuum with a soft nylon brush to remove dust. Use a damp, white cloth and mild soap to spot clean by blotting.  To avoid damage, be careful to never use any cleaning chemicals or rub/massage the hide when wet. Avoid friction on the leather and keep off the floor to avoid dust and dirt. Handle with care.